Monday, October 29, 2018

Trading opportunities for 29 October

The pair showed a tendency to fall during the early trading from the highest level at 0.7090 and the tendency to decline is evident on the indicators used, Momentum and Macd, the pair failed to breach the resistance 0.7124
We took our real account by entering into a selloff on the pair with a stop loss of 0.71286 and a profit of 0.70593

The pair is rebounding from last week's low levels and is based on the support area 1.5969 and showed a tendency to rise on the MACD and Momentum indicators and we expect to rise during the day targeting 1.60924
We opened a buyback with a stop loss of 1.60225 and a gain of 1.60924

The pair succeeded in retreating from the 1.3066 support area and showed the ability to continue ascending targeting 1.314 resistance, we entered the pair with a stop at 1.30580 and a profit at 1.31280

The pair maintained the highest support level at 1.7964 and showed the ability to rise on the MACD and the Momentum, we entered our real account in a buyback with a stop loss of 1.80546 and a profit of 1.81246


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